Top Health And Breast Feeding Tips For New Mothers in India

Its one of the most miraculous and stressful times in a woman’s life— being a new mom. The constant on-the-go of new motherhood can leave you feeling tired, worn, and generally unhealthy. Taking good care of yourself is one of the best ways to ensure that you can take great care of your child. The following are some tips that will help you adjust to new motherhood and start feeling like your old self again.

Take it slow – In this type A world a lot of moms feel like they have to get back in to shape right away, back to work right away… Give yourself enough time to adjust. Your body has been through a lot and should be given time to ease back into things. It will be better and healthier for both you and your baby in the long run.

new mother tipsTake naps – Sure, maybe your baby’s nap time would be a great time to get that laundry done and, sure, maybe you think you’re used to not sleeping after a while, but, believe you me, your body knows the difference. Getting a healthy amount of sleep is the core of all health. Missing out on a solid 8-hour stretch can throw your hormones, adrenals, and brain chemistry out of whack. Try to catch up when you can.

Don’t crash diet – A crash diet isn’t going to keep the weight off in the long run. Besides, if you’re breastfeeding it can cause problems and lower your milk supply. The consensus is these days that the only diet that works is healthy, smaller, more frequent meals. Eating whole foods (not over-processed) in this manner will help your metabolism and stimulate your milk supply. We will be discussing about breastfeeding in details later in this article. But one thing we would like to tell for those mothers in India who are breastfeeding is to buy the best nursing bra of 2017.

Walk – Walking is not only great exercise, its also a great opportunity for you and the baby to get some fresh air. Go to the park, see some trees, say hi to some neighbors. It will do a lot for your health and your sense of well-being.

Socialize – One of the greatest stressors of being a new mother is the isolation. You’re often on duty 24/7. Even with the most helpful and supportive partner, you can still feel like you’re cut off from the world. Mental health is a huge part of overall health— make sure you take some time to get out and see friends or even make new ones.

Easy Baby Tips For Expecting and New Mothers

If you’re expecting, or have a new baby, baby tips are something you can never have enough of. As a mother you want to make sure you are doing everything perfect, and taking care of your baby the best way possible. In the next few paragraphs, you will get great baby tips starting with newborns.Many mothers are not aware that bonding with their baby is one of the most important things in a child’s development. There are many ways to bond, and one of the most interesting and intimate baby tips would be massaging your baby, also known as an infant massage. This can be done on a baby’s tummy or back, your baby will get used to your touch and also it will soothe and calm a baby.

Another one of the greatest baby tips that is beneficial to you and your baby is breastfeeding. Many mothers are not aware that breastfeeding is not only nutritional for the baby, but also a great way for a new mother to burn off some unwanted calories and help lose some of the weight that may have been gained during the pregnancy. That post baby weight will come off rather quickly and your baby will get the nutrition that he or she deserves. For pregnant woman who are experiencing back pain and lack of sleep, should consider buying a good pregnancy pillows that gives support to your body and is excellent in controlling the back pain.

A big percentage of mothers can experience their baby having Colic. If your baby has colic, he or she may cry more and even more loudly than a baby without colic. Some baby tips for colicky babies are as follows: a change of your babies diet, try different formula, give your baby different amounts during each feeding or even try to change your babies feeding schedule or routine. Also, as mentioned earlier, you can massage your baby to bond, this can also help calm a colicky baby and ease any pains caused form gas and to help them burp. A couple more baby tips for a colicky baby would be to make sure to burp your baby often, and remember that you do not have to hold your baby every time he or she cries, is better for the baby to cry and not sense your anxiousness

The baby tips explained above are a great start to raising a healthy baby, and being successful in doing so. This should help with a happy baby, and also happy parents. A parent can never have too many baby tips, whether your a new mother with your first child, or a mother of three with a brand new baby. You can always learn from baby tips shared by others as well as share your own baby tips to help.

Nursing bra buying guide for India women

A good nursing bra needs to be flexible, allowing extra room for when your milk comes in. If you’re newly pregnant, we know the world of maternity bras can seem a little daunting. Most women tend to buy a nursing bra at some point during their third trimester, although you may find that you need a different fit far earlier on in your pregnancy. During your first trimester the breast tissue may feel swollen and tender. It should never constrict or squeeze your breasts, even when nursing bra in India

  • But with our handy guide,we’ll help you find a bra that makes you feel confident,comfortable and supported at each stage of your pregnancy and beyond.
  • The easiest way to tell that it’s time to switch to a nursing bra is when your usual bras no longer feel comfortable or fit correctly.
  • Your underwire bra may not fit as it usually does and may cause irritation, as well fail to provide enough room for the under band to grow during pregnancy.
  • It’s a good idea to be measured so that you know your bra fits properly.
  • Bras with under-wiring can cause pressure to the milk glands in your breasts and so it is recommended that you don’t wear them while you are breastfeeding.
  • The most common type, the bra cups have clips, poppers or hooks at the top so you can drop them down from the strap to feed your baby easily.

We recommend that you stop wearing underwired bras and opt for a non-wire bra to avoid discomfort on the breast bone. A tight bra may make it easier for your ducts to become blocked or for mastitis to set in. You may be able to find bras with ‘soft’ wires that offer some uplift but your priority should be that the bra fits well and is supportive. Some models have flaps, so only part of the cup comes off the strap – ideal if you feel self-conscious breastfeeding in public.

When should you buy a nursing bra
Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, and your breasts will change in a way that’s unique to you. A woman’s breasts will continue to change in size through out her lifetime, and it is particularly noticeable around pregnancy and post-birth. Don’t despair, there are plenty of gorgeous bras available without wires, in lots of different shades and styles. So, what type of bra does a new mom begin with? You may find that your cup size continues to increase throughout your pregnancy, or your breasts might grow during your first trimester and then not increase in size again until the last few months.

It is my recommendation that you take the time to get fitted at around eight months of pregnancy before baby arrives. The next step is to measure around your bust. There are bras that are designed with this transitional sizing in mind. Depending on how you grow, you may need to go bra shopping several times during your pregnancy. This is the size your breasts should be at approx. 8 weeks post birth when your body has learnt to regulate its milk supply.

Padded or wired bra
Do this whilst wearing a well fitting, unpadded bra. Generally called comfort bras, the sizes are usually small, medium, large, etc….. These bras are designed for a variation of size ranges, and they also have the snap or clasp openings to release the bra flaps to make it easier to nurse. Is it possible to purchase a regular bra in a bigger size? I have always needed nursing bras in my usual size until this time. (DC6) So I bought some in my usual size pre-birth, only to find they were too small post birth so stopped on the way home from the hospital to get a couple more. For every 1″ difference between your band size and this measurement will represent one cup size.

Comfort bras you are sure to love and should definitely try are Body Silk Nursing Bra by Bravado, and the Essential Embrace Nursing Bra by Bravado. The support of the breast relies on the design of all areas of the bra, not just the cup, band, or shoulder straps. Baby was two days old then and they fitted. For example, if your band size is 36″ and the measurement of the fullest part of your bust is 38″, then you should wear a 36B bra. We always advise you to wear a non-wired bra immediately after birth.

Comfort and support
Each part of the bra works together to provide adequate support, ease of movement, and comfort in the most effective way possible. The most important reason to purchase new bras during pregnancy is to support the breasts as they get heavier in preparation to nurse a baby and from general pregnancy weight gain. You should ensure that there is no breast tissue beyond the side seam or “spilling” out of the top of your cups. Your milk coming in will affect the shape and size of your boobs and they may fluctuate a lot after giving birth, so a non-wired style is a better choice as it’s less likely to dig in and be uncomfortable, or worse, cause problems like Mastitis. When just one of these areas is ill fitting, a woman can experience unnecessary strain and discomfort on a daily basis.

Some bras are designed to be more supportive and have wider straps. An improperly fitted bra can put pressure on the milk ducts which could potentially cause them to get plugged, get inflamed, or have a restricted flow. If you decide to breastfeed, you should stick to wearing non-wired bras as your boobs will change in size and shape all the time as you feed your baby. That rule applies to all women, not just those who are pregnant. Maternity support bras sometimes also have a wider band around the bottom, which helps provide more support.

Most women are aware that their breasts can increase in size during pregnancy and lactation. If you decide not to breastfeed, you will still need to wear a wire free bra initially. However, they are unaware that the majority of women’s rib cages also expand during this process. Once your milk has gone and the size of your boobs has stopped changing so much, you can return to underwired styles (this may take a few weeks). It is important to re-measure the band size instead of just purchasing the pre-pregnancy size. A band that is too small can cut off the blood supply to the breasts and milk ducts.

Pregnancy Pillows and its benefits

pregnancy pillows in IndiaThe greatest challenge that a pregnant woman should face, especially in the second and trimester, is getting settled with a good sleeping position. As women go through a pregnancy, they find it increasingly difficult to sleep well at night, due mainly to the constant changes in their bodies and their growing stomachs. They come in a variety of styles to accommodate your specific needs. Pregnancy body pillows are large pillows that are available in many sizes and shapes, such as the U-shaped, the wedge, the bean-shaped, and many more. As the belly grows, you may find it difficult to sleep in your favourite position.

  • It’s not surprising for many pregnant women to complain of leg cramps and back pain, making it all the more difficult to find the best sleep position.
  • Pregnancy pillows are made to be versatile and comfortable and, yes, some are even beautiful to match your feelings about your newly changing body; unless you’re in late pregnancy and, trust me, no matter what you feel like then, you are, indeed, very beautiful.
  • Although each type of them has different benefits, it is said that the pregnancy body pillows are the most comfortable for the majority of expecting mothers. helping them to sleep well.
  • Along with that, your doctor will recommend you to sleep on your left side to ensure proper blood supply to your unborn baby.
  • One workable solution, however, is the pregnancy pillow.
  • Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for baby and mom.

Pregnancy pillows are specially designed pillows for pregnant women to make them for contented and comfortable. Not every pregnancy pillow is of the same quality, materials, and design. Pregnancy wedges are one of the cheapest pregnancy pillow solutions available. It can sometimes be hard to find the perfect feeding position. Pregnancy leaves too many doubts and confusions to pregnant ladies. Pillows can be manufactured with different purposes in mind. Many mothers like pregnancy wedges because theya re still practical after giving birth. A pregnancy pillow offers support for moms who are breastfeeding. If you worry about harming your baby with your uncomfortable sleeping position, pregnancy pillow will be your best solution.

You can buy a pillow according to your specific needs, depending on what causes you discomfort. Getting comfortable watching television? Baby can lie in a comfortable position on the pillow while mom adjusts her body to conform to the baby. Buy a pregnancy pillow carefully to make sure you get your money’s worth and solve your sleeping ails. Yep. A pregnancy pillow helps breastfeeding become a truly enjoyable experience. Propping your regular pillow up? Yep. You do not have to be pregnant to enjoy a pregnancy wedge pillow.

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